Hoping for a good news

First of all, Happy Navratri to all my dear readers. May Navratri bring you a lot of luck & love in your Life !!

Some of my readers requested and suggested that I should updated my blog regularly like I use to. . . I would really like to thank them for making me realize how much I enjoyed writing my blog posts previously and trying to bring me back on track.
Love you readers!! You are my true strength.

Today was the first day of Navratri. A Navratri fest has been organized near by my house. As I write this post, I can hear the bhajans of Maa Durga. It is indeed very refreshing and divine.

But this time, Something is different. I can feel a positive vibe which I have never felt before. It may be due to my faith and love for goddess or it might be because of something else?
I feel like I am going to get a very good news in between these 9 days. It may be just a state of my mind that I am getting a feeling like this or take it as a gut feelings.
But I am really hoping for a good news.

It may be related to my personal or professional life, But I am really hoping for something big to happen.

Let’s see what happens.

If anything happens, I will surely share it with you all… And if nothing big happens, then I promise myself that I won’t get disappointed. Of-course, there is nothing in this to get disappointed.
Nothing is gonna go away from me!! It will be like, I had a gut feeling but nothing happened. SIMPLE 🙂

But till then, keeping my fingers crossed!!

♥ I really wish and hope something happy happens. This feeling is really making me curious 🙂

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