Talk To Strangers, It’s Good For Your Mind And Soul

Hope you are enjoying this monsoon and busy talking and chatting to many known and unknown people! Talking to strangers is not taken as negative approach nowadays as was done before. I remember my parents and guardians always told us not to interact or speak to strangers when moving out of the house.

Talk To Strangers, It’s Good For Your Mind And Soul
Talk To Strangers, It’s Good For Your Mind And Soul |

But nowadays the atmosphere and the mentality of the new generation have changed. Initiating and talking to strangers in relation to any topic is taken as a positive approach in communication. Even the kids are found to be very comfortable and like to speak to strangers whom they find interesting. It is a good thing, as now we know with whom to talk and not. We have grown up and can judge between good and bad stranger. (Am I sounding like a school teacher?)

Well, This approach of talking to stranger in young age creates the confident and the spirit to have and say and communicate messages effectively later on. It has also been scientifically proven that when one takes up the initiative to communicate and talk to stranger he/she is more mentally balanced. His/ her ability to understand and grasp information and messages is better than other who are introvert.

One can enjoy the different kind of experiences while speaking to different kinds of strangers. The reaction can be friendly, rude, hesitant or ignorant. The different experiences will swing your mood to do things correctly in your daily life as the communication and talk will take you to different atmosphere. It will make you completely engaged in different situation which you will enjoy and then get back to your usual work schedule.

Any kind of personality type starts the process of talking to stranger. It is really fascinating and the conversation could be something really interesting also. There is also the development of empathy when you speak to strange people and come to know there various thinking, demands, behaviour, culture and many more.

Happier people re those who likes to bring happiness by speaking to all known and unknown and talk positive.

Talking to stranger and undergoing a lengthy conversation can heal you agony and pain also. So start talking to strangers without hesitation and be happy and feel refreshed altogether to start a new journey.

Strangers can give you solutions to your problems, information about different locations and emergencies, help you avail the exact transportation, explain you how to be in positive health, make you feel relaxed, give you directions or aware you from forthcoming dangers! So don’t wait just talk to strangers and see the difference.

Submitted by: Mr. Ajit Sharma

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