Easy And Important Tricks To Stay Fit In Summer

Summers are meant for enjoying and entertaining. The children get their long vacations, mothers are away from packing tiffins and preparing for exams, office goers have their less pressure in job after the appraisals and ratings completed. It’s time to spend in relaxation and with happiness. The most important factor for enjoying is to stay fit in this summer. No one likes to be inactive and remain dull and sit at home being unfit. 
So let us all try the easy and very essential tips to be fit and fine and enjoy summer. Drinking plenty of water is the most easy and important tips for any person. Water flushes out the toxins and avoids getting dehydrated in summer season. Cold water is also very relieving and quenches your thirst in the most soothing way than any other drinks. Eat plenty of green vegetables and juicy fruits like cabbage, lady’s finger, gourd, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, mango, apples, oranges, litchis, and raspberry.
Easy And Important Tricks To Stay Fit In Summer
Mango the king of fruit is available in plenty has also many good effects in it. It has got fiber, vitamins and minerals which is suited to tackle the heat in the body and keep you cool inside. Onion, mint, cucumbers all are good to tackle the heat. Always try to use an umbrella, sunglass or a big hat when you are out or travelling in the sea beaches or in tour.

Essential tips to remain fit in the summer:

•    Drink plenty of water
•    Apply sunscreen more than 30 SPF at least half an hour before moving out
•    Wear cotton and light colored clothes
•    Eat lots of salad, lassi and dahi
•    Avoid fried oily staffs and junk food

Summer can be really enjoying and relaxing with ample ways of entertaining through trips, tours or spending times in grandparent’s home. But just be fit and fine and take care by applying the above given tips which will be useful to avoid skin damage or ill health! 

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