Compliments to Cherish ツ

We get compliments almost everyday, either from a friend or family or someone special. It is quite a common thing!
But not all compliments are true and should be taken seriously. Some people give compliments to flatter you, impress you while others say in a formality or even sarcasm.

 But there are some compliments are truly given from heart. When a child of 3-5 years of age say that ‘you are a nice person’ or ‘I Like You’, do take it seriously.
While surfing over internet, I came across an article which stated that a study says -children up to 5 years have a sense to judge people. They can easily make out as to how exactly a person is- good or bad!
Other then that scientific study, even elders say that children are blessed by God and have a power to judge people. It is true that they can’t speak properly or pass judgments and you cannot make yourself dependent on their verdict but if they compliment you then take it seriously and cherish it, because that compliment will be straight from the heart.

P.S.:  if a kid sees you and starts to cry, don’t think you are a bad person. Remember, exceptions are everywhere. . . and may be you are…  ツ


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