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#AmityDiaries : Last Chapter – Adieus Amity!

Stepped-in as a stranger with the fear of going to an unknown city & living between the unknowns… Never knew people would become special there… Remember my post I wrote the second day when I came here? (read: #AmityDiaries : Chapter 1 – A New Start… )
I was so scared, not sure who to be friend with… and how? But now, when we are about to leave, the words from one of my old friends are echoing in my ears.
He said, ‘You are sad today because you are here, when you’ll leave this place, you’ll cry because you’d have to leave’

All I want to say is, I was away from my family, you ALL cared. No doubt had many small & stupid fights, but those were just the part of it. Amity University, you have given many many memories which would be cherished in my heart forever… seniors, juniors, pg mates, faculty & classmates…

anamika mishra
Hey! That’s me!

It was special being with you. I was trying to mention the events & memories but running short of words, may it be a trip to manesar or kushinagar, to lucknow mahotsav or Love Lane, shooting for a movie or attending classes, listening to honey singh songs or getting drenched in rains, hooting (and sometimes abusing 😛 ) All was truly memorable…

Never thought things would end-up like this… I know its not all the same but for me, its really the same. Erased all negative memories, forgiven all those who misunderstood, keeping all the loved memories in my heart, its time to bid ADIEUS!

Special people would always remain special forever… Thanks for everything Amity!

#AmityDiaries : Last Chapter - Adieus Amity!
#AmityDiaries : Last Chapter – Adieus Amity!

As I kept on saying that I’m not in love with this place, never thought would say this, but yes -I will miss you…..
Today was the last day in college was not as it was expected but was much much better! The gang of girls truly rocked. I am happy that I’m still friends with some really nice people, though I don’t promise anything but yes I hope to be in touch and be friends always!

I am soon going to be an author and will start living my dreams (hopefully). I don’t know what future holds in for me and for everyone, but my best wishes are with everyone.

Phir milenge…

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