Hotel Review: Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam | My stay there & why I loved it!

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Here’s my review of Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam!! 

I love the inclusion of the swimming pool and the spa revitalizing scope along with the other amenities in Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam.

Swagath Holiday Resort, Kovalam | Indian Lifestyle & Travel Blog
The beautiful and unimaginable luxury benefits are awesome to experience in the Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam which is known for its finest and intimate resort to make everyone feel incredibly thrilling.
Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam | Best Travel Blog
I really wanted to spend some time away from the daily routine and busy schedule and keep myself away from the worries and tensions. Finally I decided to move to a place which can make me both relaxed and comforting. And staying in the Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam has got all the credit of providing the amenities.
Swagath Holiday Resorts, Kovalam | Luxury Lifestyle Blog
Natural beauty and magnificent scenery gives a boost and re-energizes your mind and health. I spent most of my time in pampering myself in the spa therapy treatment. The pampering of my skin and the massages was very relaxing. I felt so calm and soothing in the therapies done. There were various kinds of oils and creams used. The enchanting fragrance of the spa room gave me all that I need.

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Savoring the international acclaimed beach resort on the southern part of India with the traditional food, cooling swimming pool with all the incredible entertainment facilities has been simply a lure  to have that warming welcome and services in the heart of Kerala.

Best Beach Resort in Kovalam – Indian travel blog
Though, I am not a perfect swimmer yet I loved to spend time in the pool and playing around with friends. This kept me away from being lazy and gave me some exercise scope also. Sitting beside the swimming pool was also very entertaining watching others swim and gossiping with others and drinking the cool fruit juices available for free.

Where to stay in Kovalam? Swagath Holiday Resorts | Best resort in Kovalam

Have a look at some more photos that were clicked during my stay in Swagath Holiday Resort.

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When I preferred waiting on a swing rather than sitting on a luxury couch inside.

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They have this dream house for couples. And that too, it was full. But if in future I got a choice, I would love to stay here!! It was super-romantic!

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While going up the elevators, I clicked this picture. Isn’t this view just fab!! But wait, upcoming pictures are more amazing than this one.
Here are some pictures of Beach Palm Roof Top Restaurant. This is on the 5th floor of the resort. Its open up till midnight and you get to see amazing light house from here. I loved the view from this roof top restaurant!

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I could see the whole Kovalam city from its roof!!! I felt like I am on top of the world.

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My Final Verdict:

The amenities, facilities, location and view, all were just perfect. If ever I visited Kovalam again, I would be staying here only. I loved playing table tennis with my brother and dad there, while I learned basic swimming from my dad too. The sea beach was just 5 minutes walk away! Local market was just outside the resort premises. So, I give 5 on 5 hearts to this wonderful resort. Its a perfect place to spend some quality time with loved ones.

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