Where this path leads to?

Hello Dear Reader,
Here’s another post from my old blog. I was going through my old post and found this 4years old post, thought of sharing with you all.
Have a look 🙂

Date Posted: 06-05-2008

I often hear that some guys say… “Life Is Like a Journey”..
sometimes I agree…. but most of the times Its A Big NO-NO….
I wish life would have been like a journey and we all have a MAP/GPS with us…. so that we can see where are we going … and what is the destination of the path on which we are walking right now…. or with which we can see that whether this path is fine for us or not…. but no… every time… we have to face the unexpected……. we always expect the best of both worlds… but result is very unexpected… sometimes it’s tooooo positive & sometimes damn negative….
I’m very often confused what to do and what not to… coz I’m don’t know, what exactly is better and what is worst…!!! I’m just walking & Walking… with the dreams in my eyes… and with the hope that “YES! This Path Leads To SUCCESS”…
But for this…… the most important thing is PATIENCE.
Yes! I have to move on with patience and with a hope that FUTURE IS BETTER THAN TODAY….

This post remind me of the days, when I was in the final year of my graduation. I had a dream, to become a writer. But I was too shy and scared to share my dream with all, especially my friends, as I thought they would make fun of me.
Many a times, I thought of giving up with this dream of mine but then faith in God and the expectations of my Mom gave me the power, the strength to move ahead.
Today, when finally I am getting my novel Too Hard To Handle published in a couple of months, I feel myself as a lucky child to witness my dream Finally turning in the REALITY.

The only thing, according to me which is required in order to move on, is Patience. I still believe in this as I did 4 years back ( Or May be since a long time back ) and would suggest all to be patient.
Dreams do come true people. . . And Miracles do Happen!!
I have experienced.
Trust Me 🙂

Have Faith and Stay Blessed…

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