Why I Worship God? Here’s The Answer- Poem: My Faith In God !

Why we worship God? Why I worship God? This small poem is an attempt to explain why I worship God. I hope you understand the deep feelings and emotions hidden behind these simple words of mine.

May God Bless All Of You- Anamika Mishra

“When in the depth of dark despair,
In sorrow and in pain,
The faith in God that you possess,
Will never be in vain…

When disappointment comes your way,
And tears your heart into two,
Remember god is standing by,
To lend a hand to you.

No cause is ever hopeless,
No goal too high to gain,
As long as you can attain…
As long as you can attain…

Look forward to each newborn day,
With faith and hope,
And let God be the guiding light,
In your Life ALWAYS!!!”

P.S: This is an original work of mine. Please do not copy or distribute without written permission or consent of mine! Thank You!

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  • Sumit@sellall

    We Worship God because, we don't know the future, what will be happen next. Faith in God gives us an internal strength and power to handle all the consequences.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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