They say, Likes Repel… !!

“Like Charges Repel Each Other… While Unlike Charges Attract!!!”

Think of it again..!!

Do likes really repel??
For sake of Magnetism, I do agree!! But for sake of Live People, I totally disagree!! 
There is a philosophy that people of unlike/disparate natures, make a great couple or companion because they compliment and understand the differences in their natures!! 
Example, For sorting out a fight between two, if both are loud & impatient then probably the fight would worsen the situation … & on the contrary, If one is calm & patient then things would get sorted out easily…

But… This is just in case of fighting… 

what about other matters??
What about habits?? 
And above all , Feelings???
Especially the feeling of love, which exists in all the relationships on earth!!!!

I personally feel, Be it in any relation either friendship or affair… you only choose the like-minded & like-nature people to be with… as you know they are just your kind, just your type… so be it in any situation whether be of fight, love, enjoyment, pride or any, they would understand you and be with you just the way you are & just the way you want… 
Try looking at your friend-circle… although they might seem different to you, but deep within they are somewhere similar to you and this is what makes you the best of friends together…!!

Difference in minds of ones, on reaching at some point demands at-least one person to make changes in their-selves…
And I believe, “Koi pyar kare to humse kare, hum jaise hai vaise kare… koi badal ke hume pyar kare to vo pyar nahi sauda kare… & saiba… Pyar me sauda nahi hota…”

In other words, If its love then there cannot be a bargain, If its love then there cannot be dictatorship, if its love then there cannot be dishonesty. Freedom to be oneself , trust and honesty is the base of love and these lines just say that…

Hence,For me likes attract while disparate s repel!! 

What say??? 🙂


  • Bhaskar Bhowmik

    I disagree..sometimes its two completely antonymous personalities that compliment each other perfectly…just like 2 cogs that rotate in opposite directions but work in perfect tandem to keep the wheels rolling!

  • Bhaskar Bhowmik

    To further stress on it ,I'd like to give the example of an ill-behaved,beer drinking,insolent guy named Raj who meets a homely,cultured and benign girl name Simran..and you know how the rest of the story unfolds;) 😉 😉

    And that your-honor,should rest my case!!

  • Anamika M

    ahh!! DDLJ.. well in that case… i would like to tell u, that somewhere deep within, raj & simran both shared like-minds & esp. their thoughts "koi andekha anjana badalo k piche se pukar raha hai.. naa jaane kab yeh badal hatenge aur vo chehra dikhaega"
    see, these habits like f drinkn beer or being a homely person n al are the results of ones surroundings.. love is above all.. somwher raj & simran were similar to each other not in contxt to their habits but for their perceptions…

  • Anamika M

    And this what I actually wana convey through this post of mine… its not about having similar habits or lifestyle.. its about ones similar perceptions.. which matters above all!!!

  • Harshit Srivastava

    ma'am…'they' were actually old physicists who were born to complicate things and stress out our childhood but 'they' stated this law for Physics world, not to personify it for humans..!!! 😉 😛 🙂 🙂

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