The Hashmi-Reshammiya Era…!!


‘Ashiq banaya aapne’ was the song which headed over millions of souls,when was released!!
And I now proudy say, I was one of them!!
It was the Imran Hashmi & Himesh Reshammiya era!!
And i was truly crazy about their songs….I well remember, I was in class 8th when ZEHER -the movie was released!!  We (means me and my friends) were so damn crazy at that time about this song that the madness of ours coudnt be expressed in words!! The song- “vo lamhe vo baatien” was the song which could be heard all around.. Whether be My I-pod  or my car’s player… Or be on Tv or desktop or even at the neighbourhood!! Then came a boom of himesh… Songs like jhalak dikhla… Tanhaiyaaa… Aapka surur.. Ashiq banaya apne… Aapki kashish… Dil ne yeh na jana etc were on the hit list…
Many people critisized and made fun of himesh… And also quoted that “all imran movies have same songs” … But its ok… I say, good talent is always rejected & crtisized when it is at its verge of success!!Then came a movie named – Namaste London starring Akashy kumar & katrina kaif… That was the movie which had 18tracks & all of himesh…
That was a bang-on answer to all the people who made fun of himesh!! Each and every song was worth listening….
Esp. Songs like “teri yaad sath hai…” & “Yehi hota pyaar hai kya” are the songs which still exist in the playlists of many… Atleast mine!! 🙂
Today in the morning i was going through old folders of songs in my lapy… Saw these songs… Heard them… And the feeling which came was like as if i am back in that time… These songs of imran hashmi & himesh are like a link or way through which I automatically feel connected through my school life…
I miss those days… Listening those songs always make me nostalgic… Apne dosto k liye Himesh k lafzo me bolu to :-
“sare nagme sari mehfil sari khushiya sari duniya… Tere bagair… Tanhaiya…”


  • Harshit Srivastava

    I still listen to these and many more everyday while at office, while walking on road, at home, at work, at shopping malls or while strolling around, be it anyplace, my headphones are always tuned in to these bollywood songs only, no matter how good or how jazzy english songs become, its always a home-return to these bollywood recipes only after some time… After all, we are Indians… 🙂 🙂

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