Dance India Dance

Dance India Dance- I don’t Like you ANYMORE!!!

Dance India Dance
Dance India Dance

Being a true dance lover, i really like watching the dance competitions & dance reality shows!! After the famous BOOGIE WOOGIE dance show I really enjoyed watching DID aka dance India dance – a dance reality show!! I followed it till its season -2 !! But since after that, i found it more an aerobics show than a dance reality show!! Seriously… They have lost their motive – agenda of the program !! Its now more into doing stunts & aerobics than dancing… I am sorry to say, I might sound rude but this is totally my opinion.

Dance to me is more than just an art-form. Its the way of expression, expression of feelings like love, hatred, heartbreak , sadness happiness, and so on… but people performing in this show are more into doing stunts , they try to show -off their aerobic moves & lifts… Pure dance is missing… I don’t say ,they should do only the pure dance forms of India like bharatnatayam or kathak or any!! Even contemporary or salsa or any other foreign dance forms can be done… But mixing them with Unnecessary lifts is just not working!!
They appreciate the contestants by say that they are amazed as to how the contestant performed that difficult stunt, I suggest go and watch the circus shows, they’ll see more & more people doing even more tough stunts than them & with a true perfection!!!
Even in the auditions, if a girl performs any kathak no. then she is being rejected just by saying that she doesn’t matches the level of difficulty and on the other hand, if a girl performs the aerobics on any bollywood romantic or sad song – she is selected!!
Talking about the kids,they are taught and tend to do these kind of moves but because of their age-factor they are unable to!!!
The feeling The passion The obsession and The love for dance is truly missing……….
They appreciate Shahid kapoor & Madhuri dixit (who personally are my favorites) for their dancing skill… Can’t they see, these people are truly into dancing & giving the perfect expressions .. neither lifts nor aerobics!!
Season 1 was truely fab and appreciable… Contestants like siddesh , vrushali etc were truly the dancers!! even Dharmesh was truly into dancing….
Boogie woogie was really a nice dance reality show!!
I thought DID would rock forever but I am again sorry to say, it has lost its way……
I am not writing about any other dance reality show because these were my favorites…
Being a loyal viewer i found it very disappointing for DID to loose its way & forgetting the real meaning of dance…………………………
Sorry DID… I Don’t Like You Anymore!!!
PS: Its totally my personal opinion & I am free to write my views about anything in my Blog!!


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