The Summer Of 69

Those Summer Noons | Summer Of 69

 “Those Were The Best Days Of My Life… It Was The Summer Of 69…”

Not actually the summer of 69, as I wasn’t even born then! It was the summer of 2008-2009-2010… seriously those were the best days of till now…. Although I am not so old to write such kind of things… but I am actually feeling that I am really missing those days! The days when I have got nothing to do. I could do all of my favourite activities without any limitations and boundations. I use to chat with friends, practice dance, make scrapbooks, texting… and trust me, that were the reasons for my endless joy!

The Summer Of 69
Those summer noons…

Summer of 69 , a song by Bryan Adams is the song which always remind me of THOSE SUMMER NOONS when I was busy doing nothing, just TPing! I watched Tv for hours and hours! Made so many scrapbooks & handmade greeting cards… Use to read blogs and try to follow them… Use to read magazines and novels… was in contact with all my friends!!
Sometimes in life, there comes a phase when you start re-thinking about the decision made by you that was it right or not! Same happened with me… rather is happening with me! After joining the new college, my life has become so busy that I hardly get time for myself… I have lost contacts with most of my friends as they had a complaint with me that now I don’t respond to their calls & messages, neither I come online to chat with them!
Even I myself is not liking this change, but nothing can’t be done now…
Thinking & regretting would not help me out… moving ahead with a hope that ALL WOULD GET WELL would surely work… because I think “whatever happens,happens for a reason and that reason is always positive”
And with this positive thought ,all is really getting well now….
But still… I miss those empty noons, those summer noons of mine… which were totally enjoyed by me with my friends and family… I wish I could get those days back…

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