So, today I am gonna show you my hostel/PG room. It’s not a huge room but it’s sufficient. I have never lived in a room like this before, so at times I feel like changing it but then I think I have started liking the surrounding, the company I have here and my roommates. I don’t want to leave this place because of the people living with me, because they make me feel home away from home. I had never experience hostel life before this phase and I wasn’t really sure if I’d be able to adjust here because we don’t have a TV or AC here. But then, I have started sort of liking it. Every night we make plans of convincing our caretaker to get us a TV or an AC and every morning we forget what we’ve discussed. It’s all good though!

I can’t post photo of my entire room because it’s a mess right now but here’s my bed and my cupboard. This is my zone. Also, the purple thingy you see on the wall is my wish/mood board. I like sticking and scirbbiling there. Right now it says ‘put a smile in your voice‘.

#AmityDiaries : My Hostel Room
#AmityDiaries : My Cupboard
#AmityDiaries : My Hostel Room
#AmityDiaries : My Bed
#AmityDiaries : My Hostel Room
#AmityDiaries : My Hostel Room

And this is how my hostel looks like from the park behind. We often go for a walk in this park!

#AmityDiaries : My Hostel Room#AmityDiaries : My Hostel

Until next time, pals!

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