11 Important Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon

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Loving the rainy season! Enjoy the beauty and the twist and turn of nature and its season which keeps changing. Monsoon is very thrilling and exciting but one must be really careful and give full concern to health and habits of eating. 
As with the onset of the humid weather the harmful microorganisms tends to multiply and infect in the body cells. In this respect the most common diseases which frequently occur in this weather are waterborne and food poisoning. 
11 Important Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon
So just be careful and take some precautionary steps so that you remain fit and healthy in this season. Stop taking outside food and junk food which decreases the immunity level. Always carry your own water bottle and avoid drinking unsafe water. 
Avoid eating golgappas which may be made from unwashed fruits or unsafe water. Eat home cooked light food with lots of salads, fruits and nuts to increase immunity and digestion ability. 
The following tips will be very helpful to stay healthy in the monsoon:
– Stop eating outside junk & street food
– Wash hands with hand wash before eating
– Carry umbrella or raincoat
– Drink hot coffee or tea with ginger and tulsi
– Think positive
– Exercise daily
– Meditate
– Go for oil massage to relive tiredness
– Wash your hair if you get wet, once you reach home
– Bath daily
– Wash hair every two days for girls, and boy- everyday!
The above tips I find really helpful to tackle the monsoon diseases and remain fit and healthy in the rainy months. Monsoon comes with celebrations, entertainment and enjoyment- so be careful and take the above precautionary stops so that you do not fall ill.
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