Mind Blowing Historical City Called Shravanabelagola

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I am sure, you might be confuse and wondering what this post is about and from where I reached this place.Well guys, India is really big and because we have such a rich culture, heritage and history, India has got so many historical places that helps us connect with the history. 
My visit to Shravanabelagola was one such trip and I totally loved it. 
Shravanabelagola‘ – historic town which is in the Hassan District of Karnataka and is an important Jain pilgrimage center.

Karnataka Diaries : Mind Blowing Historical City Called Shravanabelagola
Shravanabelagolahas the two important inclusions ‘Bel’ and ‘Kola’. Bel means white, and Kola means pond. A beautiful pond lies in the middle of the town of Shravanabelagola.

The main tourist attraction includes the following sites which can be enjoyed for its unique architecture and sculptured temples, statues, pillars and Maths. Chandragiris the place where the Chandragupta Basadi of Gangas and ParashwanathaBasadiused to rule from this place. There are several Jain temples located all around the place and the mst famous among them was built by Chamundaraya. 
Karnataka Diaries : Mind Blowing Historical City Called Shravanabelagola
Indragiri is another tourist place which has the Gommata monolith, the statue of Bahubali, which is said to be the tallest monolithic structure in the whole world. This statue along with the exquisitely engraved Tyagada Brahma Pillar, and the Siddhara Basadi, Odegal Basadi, Chennanna Basadi and Chauvvisa Tirthankara Basadi was installed by one of the  Ganga general and veteran  scholar Chamundaraya.

Jinanathapura which is located in the north of Shravanabelagola, has Aregal Basadi and Shantinatha Basadi of the Hoysala dynasty.  Bhattaraka Math which belongs to Desiya Gana lineage of Mula Sangha of Digambar monastic tradition is another site which shows the Jainism religion.
Karnataka Diaries : Mind Blowing Historical City Called Shravanabelagola
You can also study the inscriptions of more than 800 texts which goes back to the 10th century.

The festival of Mahamastakabhisheka which is the ceremony of the 17.38m high statue of Lord Bahubali (Gomateshwar) at Indragiri Hills is celebrated every 12 years. On this occasion, the statue is smeared with thousands of pots of coconut oil, yoghurt, ghee, bananas, jaggery, dates, almonds, poppy seeds, milk, saffron and sandalwood. So you can experience the grand ceremony while visiting the place. 
Statue of Lord Bahubali Gomateshwar at Indragiri Hills | Karnataka Diaries : Mind Blowing Historical City Called Shravanabelagola
All of these facts about Shravanabelagola city & temple blew my mind off. As I am always interested in historical facts and places that connect to our history, this place was totally cool for me. You should visit this place once for sure and I am sure, you will love it.

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