How things become so SPECIAL!!!

How things become so SPECIAL!!!

How things become so SPECIAL!!!
How things become so SPECIAL!!!

well… I’ll b a graduate this year…. or either should say next month….!!! Its feels great to think that after three years of “HARD-WORK” (why??? bunking classes,roaming with frnz,partying every now n then,fighting for small stupid things,sharing tears n smiles and li’l bit of studies… all these things comprise together as a Hard Work [:)]…) i am graduating finally……
But On the other side… i feel low when i think about all these happy days of mine…. coz now they’ll neva come back…!!!
I remember,when i joined my college,i was damn upset coz everything was new n i thought that this place is not what actually i thought for…. but frst day itself i made a new frnd…. She was the one who was Some-What-Similar to me… we had a great tuning together…. yeah…!!! we shared our fear and all the night-mare-kind-a-things about that new place…. time passed!after few weeks…. I had a grup of five girls…!!! A true GANG-OF-GALS…!!! really enjoyd a lot during that time….
saw many ups n downs……
Again Made new frnz…. n now these new frnz also became an integral part of me…
Now i Had a BIG gang of FRIENDZ……!!! This time period of three years have also taught many lessons to me……. Now I’m much better as a person than i was when i joined here… Now i have learnt to take decisions myself… also to think & take things positively…..!!!
GRADUALLY,this place became very special to me….!! people over here either known or unknown were so familiar just like a family….!!! I n My frnz Started calling this as The SECOND-HOME of ours….!!!
Because of this college…. i made some really special friends of mine…. N now i feel complete that i have all,which i thought of having with me…..!!!
I’v experienced all type of things over here… joy,sadness,anger,forgivness,fights,compromises….. everything!!
I never realised the importance of this college till the time i didnt realised that i’m about to leave this place…… now… when itz time to say bye-bye,i am realising the importance….
I’m gonna miss this place a lot…
May my friends be with me forever…..
I have to move on with all those sweet n sour memories deep within my heart hoping for the good ahead because i cant hope for the best as best was what i had here…….!!!



    datz lyf yaar.. as u r disapointd fr graduating frm coll.. m feeling sme for passing frm school/… itz better to stp thnkng bout dat n wa8 fr a new start keeping som gr8 memories in ur heart.. n dat al v can do… al d bst f ur future swthrt…. 😀

  • Harshit Srivastava

    Vry wel written! 🙂
    as nw u r graduating, u shud also feel hapy abt da fact dat u got 2 liv dese moments fr 3 yrs n nw u go wid al sch shwt memories fr lifelng…
    Ur frnz wil also mis u…
    Bt i tel u you wil hv a mch bettr tym dere at post graduatn..
    Yaa, dats true k yha jo frnz bne vo zada close rhnge. Bt life's a journey.. N nw u'l b steppn onto a new path f life..
    So al da vry best dear!! N dnt depart wid heavy heart bt wid a smilng heart 2 let ur frnz remembr u wid ur smile nly!!!
    Gud luck.! 🙂

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