How People Become A Part Our Lives.

How People Become A Part Our Lives… Is Strange!!

How People Become A Part Our Lives.
How People Become A Part Our Lives.

Last night, I remember one of someone I met 3 months back…. it made me wonder that how relations are made and how people influence our lives. Sometimes, without any reason without any cause we meet people coincidentally. we don’t realize their importance at that time…. neither we wonder that we could that person one day, but after some-days.

I went to Kolkata in November… their In kali ji’s temple I met a girl… she was standing behind me in the queue of the temple… I hit her leg by-mistake… I said sorry to her n with a very sweet smile on her face… she said its okay…!! that was the start of our friendship…. then…. till the time i ws in temple, she was with me… n she told me everything related to Kolkata…and also the history of that temple…. we also told each-other about our home-towns n our families…. coincidently, her home-town was kanpur.!i was really shocked to hear this… she was also a brahmin-girl… last night…. I was trying to recall her name… but couldn’t recall… I really wish, once in a life we can meet each other again…. I believe that day… we met each-other by God’s grace…. and we will meet once again….!!! really waiting for that day…

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