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Jeans – The Most Favorite Movie Of Mine


How many of you people have watched Jeans- the movie?

As this is my second blog post, I just thought of dedicating this to my most favorite movie i.e. Jeans.
Yes the same movie in which Aishwarya Rai is there along with Prashanth in double role! Guys, I knw most of you will think that I am mad but it is the most favorite movie of mine till that… and i dont think that any movie can beat the charm of Jeans for me. I dont know why? But that movie hits my heart chords in such a way that even DDLJ isn’t able to do that!
I really love this movie and this post is dedicated to the most favorite movie of mine.
Whenever I see that movie, I feel:
-I want a life partner like Vishu (I am having a huge crush on Prashanth)
-I want to dress up and be like (rather grow up like) Aishwarya in this movie
-I want to listen the theme music (that airport background music) forever
-I want to live all songs of this movie in real
-How beautiful this movie is!
guess what, for the next dance competition in my college, I am picking up ‘Kehta hai mera yeh dil piya’ to dance from this movie.
I dont know about the coming years and my changing likes and dislikes, and may be after few years I start finding this movie dull and boring like most of you feel… But I simply dont want to get bored of this
movie. I dont know why, but I love this movie to the core and I want to keep loving it like today!
Jeans- The Movie
Release: 1998
Hero: Prashanth
Heroine: Aishwarya Rai
Favorite song: Haye Rabba, and that theme music from AR RAHMAN is to die for!

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