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7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

Sometimes, when things are not going as we planned, we tend to panic and behave erratically. However, cultivating gratitude in your life on a daily basis helps you evaluate both the positives and negatives of a given situation and helps you carry on and find solutions rather than staying struck. In this post, I have…

I Love To Celebrate Diwali At Home & Here's Why?

I Love To Celebrate Diwali At Home & Here’s Why?

Diwali is almost here and I am home already! If you don’t know, well Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is my home city and I love to celebrate Diwali at home. For me, home is where my family is! And my family i.e my parents live in Kanpur. Though I keep on juggling between Mumbai &…

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Explore Amritsar Like Never Before With City On Pedals

I am back from Amritsar but frankly, a piece of my heart is still there! I’d really like to thank City On Pedals and SOS Accelerator for this opportunity. This was my first time in Amritsar and I am glad that I made this decision of visiting this beautiful city. Amritsar is a popular for…

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