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7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

7 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude In Your Life

Sometimes, when things are not going as we planned, we tend to panic and behave erratically. However, cultivating gratitude in your life on a daily basis helps you evaluate both the positives and negatives of a given situation and helps you carry on and find solutions rather than staying struck. In this post, I have…

Gandhi Ashram, Kausani

Gandhi Ashram, Kausani -Peaceful Place In Uttarakhand -PhotoBlog

Anasakti Ashram also known as Gandhi Ashram is a peaceful place in Kausani, Uttarakhand. Mahatma Gandhi stayed here for 2 weeks in 1929. He described this place as the Switzerland of India and instantly fell in love with the pristine beauty and serenity of the place. He also┬átreatise and practised the Anasakti Yoga here, which…

The Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary – Perfect For Bird-watchers

As an avid birder, I have to admit that birding expeditions are more fulfilling when you visit the lesser-known and less popular forests. With fewer distractions from tourists or vehicles, there are more chances of spotting some of the most exquisite species of birds. So, when my birding group planned a tour to the New…

Life Is Like A Slot Machine Of A Casino

Life Is Like A Slot Machine Of A Casino

When we talk about slot machines and casino, the word gamble comes to mind. So, is life a gamble? In a way, YES! Nobody can deny that life brings us many opportunities but the rate of success you get out of any opportunity depends upon a lot of factors like your hard work, resources and…